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홈스테이 캐나다, Edmonton

We are a family of four. Our kids are ages 14 and 11 and we are offering our basement as a living accommodation to international students. We have 2 bedrooms in the basement plus a washroom and living room. We will provide all the necessary living accommodations that includes bed and linens, fridge, couch, TV, toilet supplies, wifi connection study table and most of all peace and quiet and all the love and respect you deserve.

We live so close to the main universities and trade schools, about 25 minutes bus ride and the bus routes are well connected. we live 8 minutes away from West Edmonton mall in the west end part of the city.

We can't provide daily food because my husband and I work full time but we can share whatever food we cook in the kitchen. We can run errands for you like do grocery shopping for you at your own expense, We can do your laundry and fold your clothes and clean your living quarters, if you prefer. We are friendly Filipino family and we love to host preferably 2 female students. Our home is ready anytime. You can call us anytime and we can accommodate you anytime.

E-mail me at your own convenience.

호스트: Emelie
  • 1명 6-12세
  • 1명 13-19세
  • 호스트 비흡연
  • This host welcomes the following guests:
    • ESL/foreign exchange students
    • college or university students
    • adults (mid-twenties and older)
    • couples
    • families with children
    • new immigrants
    • business travellers
서비스 및 편의시설
  • 식사 포함여부: 아침
  • 무선 광역 인터넷 (Wi-Fi)
  • 흡연 불가
  • Self service laundry included in fee (use of machine and detergent)
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  • 이주를 원할 시 1달 사전 안내 요망

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