Eden’s Home Away From Home

Edmonton (Northeast Edmonton)

홈스테이 캐나다, Edmonton

My name is Eden. A mother of 2 adult boys, 23 and 22 years old. I want to share my room in my condo to students because I had an experience living in a dormitory when I was in the University finishing up my course. I want those students to feel like they are “at home, away from home” when they are in my place. I have been hosting students for 2 years. I had a very good relationship with the students. I helped them especially during exams period. I have experience working with students outside their classrooms, coz, I am working as a Teacher Assistant, I have been in the District for 7 years. I have a chance to stay in Nuremberg, Germany for 2 weeks and to Netherlands for a couple of weeks. I had been to the United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. One of my hobbies is to play board games but I love and like to read most of my spare time. I am an active member of Canadian Union of Public Employees. The rules in my house, no party, no drinking and no smoking.

호스트: Eden
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  • Full service laundry at least once weekly included in fee
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